CareerConnection Transaction Security Tips

We are aware that some customers have received fraudulent e-mails from supposed employers. CareerConnection encourages you to use good judgment in dealing with potential employers.

We take your security seriously, so please take note of our position on transactions online:

  • We do not get involved in transactions between jobseekers and employers. You will never receive a message from CareerConnection requesting payment info for a job position being offered.
  • Although we do not fully screen employers, we do take proper measures to monitor transaction activity.
  • We do not offer escrow services nor do we endorse any programs.

Here are a few tips to assist you in finding a job with confidence:

  • Be cautious of any employer offering employment without an interview (either in person or by phone).
  • Be wary of any employer who charges a fee to employ you or find you placement. prohibits the posting of any job opportunity that requires an up front payment or periodic payment. We also have the discretion to make exceptions to this prohibition.
  • Please investigate thoroughly any employer requesting that you transfer funds or receive packages for reshipment, especially if they are located overseas. Most of these employment offers are check-cashing or shipping scams!
  • Do not provide your social security number of any other sensitive information unless you are confident that the employer is legitimate.
  • Avoid vague offers as these are often scams. If the employer is not willing to specifically describe the position they are offering, you probably don’t want it.
  • Open a new browser window and type in every time you visit the site. Be cautious of links to sent to you in emails. They could be phishing scams!

As in all consumer transactions, there is no substitute for a healthy skepticism and your own good judgment. Remember, if a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Some additional information provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):

How to test to see if the job posting is fraudulent:

  • Do your homework on the employer to ensure that they are legitimate.
  • Try to obtain a physical address rather than merely a post office box and a phone number, if the information is available, call the employer to see if the number is correct and working.
  • Send them an e-mail to see if they have an active e-mail address and be wary of employers who use free e-mail services where a credit card wasn't required to open the account.
  • Consider not responding to employers who won't provide you with this type of information.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau from the employer’s area.
  • Check out other websites regarding this employer.
  • Don't judge an employer by their website.
  • Be cautious when responding to special job offers (especially through unsolicited e-mail).
  • Be cautious when dealing with employers from outside your own country. has a few screening processes in place; however, not all employers are screened before they place listings on the site, and as stated in the Terms and Conditions, job seekers use the site at their own risk. As a result, job seekers should always exercise caution with their personal information.

We will soon have an email address available to report any fraudulent activity you have come in contact with while visiting our site. We would appreciate if you would please report these incidences to us, so that we may take the necessary actions to block the supposed employer. At that point, there is no need to contact us additionally. If we need any further information, we will be sure to follow up with you.

If you feel like you have been the victim of internet fraud, or have provided too much information to an employer, you can contact Detective Michael Loftin (757) 664-7189 or the FBI at or at

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